Cover art for How to Live Like Your Cat
Fourth Estate, November 2017
Hardcover, 176 pages
20.4cm × 13.5cm × 1.7cm

How to Live Like Your Cat

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Do cats worry about their pension? Nope. Do cats take on work they don't want to do? As if! Do cats rush around hectically when they'd rather be licking their paws and looking out of the window? Please. Cats are free. They are calm, observant, wise, elegant, charismatic and proud.

In fact, cats have found nothing less than the secret of how we should all live, whatever species we are! And in this book, Stephane Garnier will show you what he's learned over fifteen years of closely observing his cat, and teach you all the ways in which you too can apply the secrets of cats to your own life - at work, at home and with your friends. Unplug your laptop. Throw away your alarm clock. It's time to live like your cat!

Recommended by Bill

Bill is the Buyer for Boffins, so blame him when you don’t find the book you want. He reads widely, particularly non-fiction, and reviews books monthly on Wednesdays with Gareth Parker on radio station 6PR.

Stephane Garnier lives on a houseboat near Lyon in France with his cat Ziggy, and he has studied Ziggy well for some lessons in life. This is a delightful little book , full of fun and wisdom. For example, Stephane discusses how cats delegate: they don’t pay bills and they don’t get their own food (these days). And by delegating these tasks to humans, they make humans feel important, even indispensable. They are selective in their relationships. Cats don’t pretend to like people who are a burden to them. They know who is essential to their quality of life and will be loyal to them, showing empathy. Otherwise they get their claws out. It’s a great little reflection on how to live the good life

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