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Portfolio, April 2018
Hardcover, 208 pages
18.7cm × 12cm × 2.3cm

The Communication Book 44 Ideas for Better Conversations Every Day

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he internationally bestselling duo Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tsch ppeler have tested the 44 most important communication theories - from Aristotle's thoughts on presenting through Proust on asking questions to the Harvard Negotiation Project - for their practicality in daily business life. In The Communication Book they distil them into a single volume that in their winning way turns seemingly difficult ideas into clear and entertaining diagrams.

From running better meetings and improving the conversations in your head to brushing up on your listening skills and small talk, the pair masterfully fuses theoretical knowledge and business advice with humour and practicality. With sections on work, the self, relationships and language, they show that we can improve not only what we communicate, but how we do so.

Whether you're a CEO or starting out - or want to improve your relationships at home - this smartly-illustrated and compact guide will improve your communication skills and help you form more meaningful connections at work, while smiling too.

Recommended by Bill

Bill is the Buyer for Boffins, so blame him when you don’t find the book you want. He reads widely, particularly non-fiction, and reviews books monthly on Wednesdays with Gareth Parker on radio station 6PR.

This wonderful little book by the authors of the best-selling “The Decision Book” distils 44 of the most important communication theories into bite sized, digestible chunks of information that help us communicate better – at work and at home.  You’ll get the low down on the best way of running meetings, of negotiating, of engaging in small talk, of questioning  - even of lying!. Do you know that white lies benefit the person lied to; grey lies benefit both the liar and the person lied to; black lies benefit only the liar: and that red lies benefit no-one? But more seriously, this is an immensely useful book to dip into. You can easily find a section that relates to a current challenge or problem, and implement their advice in your day-to-day behaviour.

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