Cover art for Pacific Adversaries Volume Four
Avonmore Books, June 2021
Softcover, 112 pages
25cm × 17.6cm

Pacific Adversaries Volume Four Imperial Japanese Navy vs The Allies - The Solomons 1943-44

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This Volume Four of Pacific Adversaries conveys detailed stories of aerial warfare in the Solomons theatre, chosen because both Japanese and Allied records can be matched for an accurate accounting. Often the actual outcomes are very different to the exaggerated claims made by both sides as outlined in most traditional histories.

Through these chosen snapshots, Pacific Adversaries portrays the South Pacific conflict as accurately as possible. This fourth volume focuses exclusively on confrontations between the Japanese Naval Air Force (JNAF) and Allied air power in the Solomons theatre between 1943 and 1944.

Following the bloody 1942 Guadalcanal campaign, the JNAF fought a largely defensive war in the Solomons against gathering Allied forces. Perhaps surprisingly, right through to the end of 1943, the JNAF offered significant resistance to the Allies and never ceded air superiority in the vicinity of its key base of Rabaul. Only in 1944, when units were withdrawn to the Central Pacific and the Philippines, was the JNAF presence in the South Pacific finally wound down to just a token force.

Never before have detailed accounts matched up adversaries so closely, and in doing so, shine light on key events in Pacific skies so many years ago.

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