Cover art for Risk Management in Evaluating Mineral Deposits
Sme, June 2017
Hardcover, 320 pages
22.9cm × 15.2cm

Risk Management in Evaluating Mineral Deposits

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Mining is not for the fainthearted. Yes, the rewards are enormous. But so are the risks-and consequences-of failure. Risk Management in Evaluating Mineral Deposits walks you through the many-faceted risk evaluation you need to conduct before you invest your hard-earned dollars.

Written by a mining professional with a strong background in technical and financial studies, risk assessment, and statistics, this book provides a detailed suite of tools so you can determine whether investing in a mining project makes sense for you. Looking at a host of issues-the composition of the ore deposit, the management's previous record, the quality of the information at hand, and your own risk-tolerance comfortlevel, to name a few-author Jean-Michel Rendu provides a comprehensive guide to determine when to invest with high confi dence, when to demand a plan that reduces the risks and increases the chances of a positive outcome, and when to just walk away.

This book will have relevance for many years. Unlike others, Rendu factors in not just fi nancial but environmental and social aspects to evaluate the triple bottom line. He shows you why your project needs a different evaluator for each of these three legs and how to combine their evaluations to make one decision. As more and more government agencies and communities insist on these types of metrics, this focus will help keep you up-to-date in a rapidly changing world and increase the possibility that your investment will generate profi ts even in this complex, uncertain, and timeconstrained industry.

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