Cover art for Do What You Say You'll Do
Tammy Tansley, May 2015
Softcover, 202 pages
19.8cm × 12.9cm × 1.1cm

Do What You Say You'll Do And Other Tools to Lead Courageously

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There are a lot of misconceptions around what leadership actually is. Many people have the Richard Branson style of leadership in mind - and think that it's unattainable. This book will debunk the myths that there is only one sort of leadership personality, one with charisma and good looks, and that leadership is about being in a fancy office with a fancy suit. The book addresses these common fears:

I'm not good enough: when will they discover I'm a fraud? How do I give feedback to my mates?I hate speaking in front of a group ...How do I manage expectations, both good and bad? What if I fail? Do I need to be tough?

Do What You Say You'll Do will give you practical tools that will help you plan how to lead your team. A lot of new leaders just don't know where to start and then it all becomes too hard. This book will tell you all about the things that great leaders do - and show you how you can do too. It will give you the skills to examine yourself and your situation, and let you know how you can lead in a pragmatic and conscious manner. It will allow you to address any fears you have about your new role. This book will enable you to find your authentic voice: what makes you who you are? It will also play to your strengths: what will give you the courage to lead? This book is not about making you into something that you're not. It's about giving you tools that great leaders and showing you that no matter who you are, you can use them too. It has leadership theory (but not too much!), practical tools and food for thought - all written in a practical and easy to read style. It has interviews with great Australian leaders and contributions from leadership experts. This is a book for new leaders who don't know where to start, or for those who have been at it for while who want to try some new tools and techniques.

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