Cover art for Your Daily Maths
Fall River, January 2017
Softcover, 384 pages
19.1cm × 12.7cm

Your Daily Maths 366 Number Puzzles and Problems to Keep You Sharp

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Everyone has heard students most common complaint in maths class: Why do I need to learn this? Ill never use it when Im older! Some of us have even been that complainer. Many peoples difficulties with learning maths in school follow them into adulthood, by which time they often assume that its too late to do anything about it.

But even though its true that the average person has no need in daily life to remember what the number for Pi is and what it represents, that doesnt mean that maths serves no purpose for anybody with access to a calculator. In Your Daily Maths, veteran math educator Laura Laing lays out a years worth of exercises meant to get you thinking about maths in a different way. Laings approach breaks down her 366 exercises into seven categories, one for each day of the week: Number Sense, Algebra, Geometry, Application, Probability & Statistics, Logic, and Grab Bag. Laings approach treats these maths and various number-related logic problems as fun brain exercises. Yes, there are equations here, but nothing that the average adult even those who always hated maths classcant handle. There are also graphs, geometry, statistics, and logic problems, many of them centered around problems that could occur in real life. Think of Your Daily Maths not as homework but instead as your daily cognitive workout.

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