Cover art for How to Make 9 Volt Portable Guitar Amplifiers
Createspace, July 2010
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How to Make 9 Volt Portable Guitar Amplifiers Build Your Very Own Mini Boutique Practice Amp

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Learn step by step how to completely build a custom, boutique 1 Watt (9 Volt) guitar amplifier with instructions on how to wire all of the potentiometers, capacitors, fuses, resistors, switches, speakers, ground wires, hot wires, output jack, and audio chips.

This book will also tell you how you can customize your amp so you can get the sound you want. Your amplifier cabinet, speakers, even knobs can be customized, and we will tell you where to get all of the parts from for cheap. This book includes over 180 pictures and diagrams, and even comes with a bonus website with periodic updates, which will tell you how to build a bigger amp, use a 9V AC adapter instead of a battery, and more !!! What can you build with this book? The basic amplifier project in this book allows you to easily build an amplifier with an on/off switch, volume control, distortion on/off switch, gain control, and LED indicator light. Build the amp and install it with an 8 Ohm speaker (1 Watt or higher) in the cabinet, or box of your choice. Wood, metal, plastic, glass, and even cardboard can be used. All will yield a totally different tone. You can build this amp in a breadboard, or on a PCB board. Use a 9 Volt battery, or build a 9 Volt AC adapter (located in the website with updates that accompanies this book).

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