Cover art for Stop Fixing Women
New South Books, April 2017
Softcover, 272 pages
21cm × 13.5cm

Stop Fixing Women Why building fairer workplaces is everybody's business

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Millions of words have been spent in our quest to explain men's seemingly never-ending dominance in boardrooms, in parliaments, in the bureaucracy and in almost every workplace. So why is gender inequality still such a pressing issue?

Wage inequality between men and women seems one of the intractables of our age. Women are told they need to back themselves more, stop marginalising themselves, negotiate better, speak up, support each other, strike a balance between work and home. This searing book argues that insisting that women fix themselves won't fix the system, the system built by men.

Catherine Fox does more than identify and analyse the nature of the problem. Her book is an important tool for male leaders who say they want to make a difference. She throws down the gauntlet, showing how business, defence, public service and community leaders might do it, rather than just talk about it. She shows that not only will this be better for women but for productivity as well, not to mention men and women's health and happiness at home and at work.

Reviewed by Garth

Garth is the Technical specialist at Boffins.

Boffins Books has been lucky enough to be involved in several events with Catherine Fox who is always insightful and a big hit with the audience.

Her brilliant book Stop Fixing Women looks at the recent trend which tells women they should ‘lean-in’ and act in ways more traditionally associated with masculinity if they want to have success in their careers. She argues that it is the current system that prevents women from getting ahead rather than their behaviours or approaches to work.

This is a ‘women in business’ book but one that is essential reading for any men in supervisory roles who are serious about tackling inequality between the sexes in their organisation. I’d also highly recommend this book for women struggling in male dominated workplaces, along with Not Just Lucky by Jamila Rizvi.

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