Cover art for I Am Malala
Indigo, August 2014
Softcover, 224 pages
23.2cm × 15.4cm × 1.7cm

I Am Malala How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World

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Written in collaboration with critically acclaimed National Book Award finalist Patty McCormick, this is Malala's story, written for her peers.

Meet the girl behind the icon - a girl who loves cricket, has spats with her best friend, and, on the day of the shooting, nearly overslept and missed an exam. A girl who saw women suddenly banned from public, schools blown up, and Taliban opponents whipped in public. A girl whose homeland descended into a state of fear and repression, and who found herself transformed from being somewhat shy and bookish into a fearless opponent of a murderous regime.

This is the story of her passionate belief in every child's right to education, her determination to make that a reality throughout the world, and her hope to inspire other children around the world to stand up for their rights alongside her.

Includes brand new material about Malala's life after the shooting - adapting to life in a strange country, rehabilitation, and her thoughts on the continued threats she faces, as well as new photos and illustrations.

Reviewed by Amy

Amy Hotz is the Direct Sales Consultant at Boffins, and also specialises in Children's fiction. She loves Dystopian fantasy and Young Adult Fiction.

When the Taliban took control of the region in Pakistan that Malala lives in, her whole life was turned upside down. Women were forbidden from going to market, girls denied education and music was a crime. She fought hard for her right to an education and spread the word about living under Taliban rule via a blog with the BBC and featured prominently in world media.

On the 9th of October 2012, a gunman asked for her by name and shot her point blank. Her miraculous recovery made headlines around the world and she is now a symbol of peace. This edition is written for her peers, hoping to help them understand the importance of education and standing up for what you believe in. Suitable for ages 12+.

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