Cover art for Juche - How to Live Well the North Korean Way
Bantam Press, November 2020
Softcover, 144 pages
19.8cm × 12.7cm

Juche - How to Live Well the North Korean Way

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---Imagine a world where men and women are treated as equals, where the elderly are respected not neglected, where children can realise their dreams. Imagine a society, a kind and fair one, where people are free from worry and woe. Imagine a life, harmonious and balanced, where people are united by their love for their leader.

Imagine that leader, wise and mighty, so devoted to his people that he is prepared to keep watch on every single one of them. Welcome to North Korea.Juche is the guiding principle of North Korean communism- the art of self-sufficiency. How to Live Well the North Korean Way will explain how you can- solve the stresses of your commute (sleep in the office); lose weight fast (rationing and daily military parades; embrace mindfulness (through manual labour) and cure urban loneliness (three families living in one room).'Conceived for the people, by the people, Juche states that only through back-breaking work, soul-nourishing study and boundless courage can progress be achieved.'

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