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Geologist Ian Plimer's best-seller Heaven+Earth sparked a national controversy that spanned newspaper columns, public debates, online forums and living rooms. In Ian Plimer's world, the climate industry adjusts the temperature record and withholds data in order to produce results that support its political agenda - and rake in grant money. Where some see incontrovertible scientific truth, he sees the biggest financial and scientific scam in history.

In his new book, How to Get Expelled from School, Plimer sets his sights squarely on the world's educators, accusing schoolteachers of "using the captive audience for political and environmental activism". He frames the argument in the form of 101 simple questions that sceptical pupils, parents and punters can put to the more easily-convinced amongst us, be they teachers, activists, or politicians. Where Heaven+Earth was a manifesto for the climate change sceptic, How to Get Expelled from School is a call to action.

Come to Boffins and put a question of your own to Ian Plimer!

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