Events Official Bookseller: Geoffrey Robertson - Dreaming Too Loud

Boffins is pleased to be the official bookseller for Geoffrey Robertson: Dreaming Too Loud.

Internationally recognised as one of the world's leading human rights lawyers and as an intellectual inspiration for the global justice movement, Geoffrey Robertson regularly boomerangs back from leading Europe's largest civil liberties practice to the land of his birth and his youth.

Just as his 'hypotheticals' dazzled television audiences, so his books, speeches and reflections on worldwide problems - such as torture, terrorism and the Catholic church, and much else besides - regularly provoke, disturb and entertain.

Filled with his unique brand of occasionally outrageous observation and candid wit, Dreaming Too Loud will feature compelling archival footage as well as personal stories and revelations to provide a rare and compelling new insight into one of our most significant national figures.

This is an exhilarating journey through the highlights and lowlights, the many iconic moments and the public and private events that have marked his life's extraordinary trajectory.

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