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The Business Book Club powered By CCI and Boffins Books is an event series dedicated to bringing talented authors and their books to the WA business community.

Join us for a light breakfast and the opportunity to meet the exceptionally talented Gordon Pender as he speaks about all the things you need to consider to prepare a really good, professional business plan.  Gordon will be signing copies of his book Planning to Win: A Guide to Business Planning & Financial Modelling.

About Planning to Win

There are many books on business planning, and many more on management and entrepreneurship. They tell you what their authors think should be included in a plan. Planning to Win is different: it explains exactly how to prepare a business plan - it illustrates the elements of a good plan and how they fit together to produce a professional and compelling document.

It also includes practical examples: stories from the author's clients that show what happens in the real world. You may need to raise equity capital and/or a bank loan. You may be planning a new venture (if you are very brave). You may want to win a competitive government grant (if you are very patient). You may be planning a joint venture or a new export business. Perhaps you need to show your parents you can take over the family empire - and succeed. Or you may want to write the best business plan in your management course or business planning competition. Whatever your situation, one thing is certain: you will understand your business much better if you plan it well. Ultimately, your prosperity is at stake. You are risking your valuable time, your job, perhaps your whole business.

Professional business planning will help safeguard your own interests first. If you want to prepare the best business plan and succeed, Planning to Win is for you.

About Gordon Pender

Gordon Pender is a business plan consultant who specialises in writing plans for SMEs, especially plans for raising venture capital. His work has involved preparing business plans and financial models, ‘due diligence’ and similar investment reports for fund managers and governments. He has been in business since 1985 and his plans have raised more than $20 million in capital – both equity and debt – for 15 businesses, including start-ups. Planning to Winis his first book. He lives in Sydney.

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