Events Boffins' Tales in the City - Storytime - Animal Friends

Join us for Boffins' Tales in the City - a series of storytime events with big stories for little boffins.

We want to share our love of books and stories, and encourage kids to develop the same love of reading and stimulate their imaginations as well as allowing for social interaction. Parents, grandparents, and carers are all welcome at Tales in the City.

Meet some of our favourite animal friends and hear about their lives. We know a very fashionable mouse, a dog who’s a girl’s best friend, and a sloth who learns to be proud of his art work.

This is an informal gathering and will involve reading stories.

This event is suitable for children aged 2 - 5.

*Conditions Apply: Only one $5 redemption valid per single book purchase. Offer valid on the day of the event only.

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