Welcome! You've arrived at Boffins, an independent bookshop in Perth, Western Australia. Since 1989, we've delighted readers with our eclectic range: from technical manuals to sumptuous cookbooks to the latest fiction and children's bestsellers. Whatever your passion, there's a book for you at Boffins.

Recommended new releases and bestsellers

  • Sad Topographies

    Sad Topographies is an illustrated guide for the melancholic among us. Dispirited travellers rejoice as Damien Rudd journeys across continents in search of the world ...

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    The Passage of Love

    Sitting in a New York park, an old man holds a book and tries to accept that his contribution to the future is over. Instead ...

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  • The Way it Was: A history of the early days of the Margaret River wine industry

    The Margaret River region of Australias south-west is internationally renowned for its award-winning wines. There are now more than 200 wineries, predominantly boutique style, in ...

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  • Space Machines

    Explore the amazing machines used in space exploration - from rockets and rovers to shuttles and space stations - then build your very own space machines! A ...

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  • Troublemakers: How a Generation of Silicon Valley Upstarts Invented the Future

    Kaleidoscopic, ambitious, and brilliant, the book draws on a dazzling cast of characters to chart the rise of the five industries that have come to ...

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  • Burn City: Melbourne's Painted Streets

    Melbourne - aka 'Burn City' - is internationally renowned for its street art. For more than twelve years Lou Chamberlin has been photographing its painted streets, capturing ...

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What our customers think

Greatest book shop in Perth by far. [The staff] seem to all have an infinite repertoire of knowledge they are happy to serve out.
— Michael Wilson (Google)
Best bookshop...the only reason to train into Perth
— Evelyn Wheeler (Facebook)
The staff are unfailingly friendly, helpful, and professional, and have an uncanny knack of knowing what I need...
— Google user
Great store. All your books you need, if your TAFE bookshop doesn't have what you need, they DO.
— Matthew Davie (Facebook)