Welcome! You've arrived at Boffins, an independent bookshop in Perth, Western Australia. Since 1989, we've delighted readers with our eclectic range: from technical manuals to sumptuous cookbooks to the latest fiction and children's bestsellers. Whatever your passion, there's a book for you at Boffins.

Recommended new releases and bestsellers

  • The 91-Storey Treehouse

    Join Andy and Terry in their ridiculous 91-storey treehouse! Go for a spin in the world's most powerful whirlpool, take a ride in a ...

    5+ in stock - ships Wed 23rd!
  • 25% off!
    Halliday Wine Companion 2018

    Halliday Wine Companion is recognised as the industry benchmark for Australian wine. The 2018 edition has been completely revised to bring you up-to-the-minute information. In ...

    5+ in stock - ships Wed 23rd!
  • 9% off!
    The Twentieth Man

    He was the only one left alive; now it was his turn to die.In September 1972, journalist Anna Rosen takes an early morning phone ...

    5+ in stock - ships Wed 23rd!
  • 10% off!
    The Enigmatic Mr Deakin

    This insightful and accessible new biography of Alfred Deakin, Australia's second prime minister, shines fresh light on one of the nation's most significant ...

    5+ in stock - ships Wed 23rd!
  • The Weather Obsession

    We have come a long way since the days when weather information could only be found in the back pages of newspapers. The Weather Obsession ...

    5+ in stock - ships Wed 23rd!
  • 9% off!
    Working Class Boy

    The critically acclaimed number 1 bestseller in paperback. A household name, an Australian rock icon, the elder statesman of Ozrock - there isn't an accolade ...

    5+ in stock - ships Wed 23rd!

What our customers think

Greatest book shop in Perth by far. [The staff] seem to all have an infinite repertoire of knowledge they are happy to serve out.
— Michael Wilson (Google)
Best bookshop...the only reason to train into Perth
— Evelyn Wheeler (Facebook)
The staff are unfailingly friendly, helpful, and professional, and have an uncanny knack of knowing what I need...
— Google user
Great store. All your books you need, if your TAFE bookshop doesn't have what you need, they DO.
— Matthew Davie (Facebook)