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161, September 2021
Softcover, 296 pages
23.2cm × 15.3cm × 2.7cm

Engaging Millennials 7 Fundamentals to Recruit, Reward & Retain the Largest Generation in the Workforce

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A guide into what engages and motivates the millennial population working in organisations.

By 2025, Millennials will form 75% of the global workforce and more than half of them (58% of global Millennials) are living in Asia! As this huge demographic surges towards becoming a substantial contributor to Asia's workforce, organisations continue to face engagement and retention challenges while balancing the need to stay relevant in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

 Archaic methods of management do not deliver success with the new breed of   employees. Instead, the outdated model leaves Millennials uninspired and   unmotivated to produce results. Like any generation of workers, performance   lies in management-if you're not getting what you need from your Millennials,   it's time to learn how to lead them the way they need to be led. To get the   best out of Millennials, it is imperative for leaders to modify their current   management style.

 While the pop culture narrative would have us believe that Millennials are   entitled, lazy, spoiled brats- Millennials are the generation of change-   highly adaptive, bright, and quick to take on a challenge. If the different   generations can learn how to collaborate in a way that capitalises on their   strengths and compensates for their weaknesses, it will inspire a knowledge   sharing inevitably encourages the crosspollination of ideas which can spark   major innovation

 Best practices and proven strategies from Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, and   other top employers provide real-world models for effective management, and   new research on first-wave versus second-wave Millennials helps you parse the   difference between your new hires and more experienced workers. You'll learn   why flex time, social media, dress code, and organizational structure are   shifting, and answer the all-important question- How do we engage   Millennials?

 Millennials are the product of a different time, with different values,   different motivations, and different wants. This book shows you how to bring   out their best and discover just how much they're really capable of.

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