Events Book Signing: 28 by Sam Wood

Boffins Books present a book signing with Sam Wood for his new book, 28 by Sam Wood.

Can't make it? We'll happily have a copy of 28 by Sam Wood signed for you. Simply contact us via phone, email, online or visit us in-store, and we'll take care of the rest.

‘With minimal effort you can make this part of your life. It’s authentic and, I promise, it won’t drive you insane.’ – Sam Wood

Our motto: progress, not perfection.

About the Book

28 by Sam Wood has helped thousands of people around Australia lose weight, feel better and take control of their health – all from the comfort of their own homes and in just 28 minutes a day. Now, for the first time, the secrets of this hugely successful online program are available to everyone in 28 by Sam Wood, the new book published in April. This effective, sustainable program works for three crucial reasons:

  • It is authoritative, combining Sam’s many years of hands-on experience in training real people with the expert knowledge of qualified nutritionist Steph Lowe
  • Its inbuilt flexibility: recipes can be adapted to suit different tastes and dietary requirements and exercise plans modified according to five fitness levels... from Rookie to Maniac!
  • Its holistic ‘mind, body, spirit’ approach, emphasising the importance of psychology in embracing real change.

So if you’re ready for a lifestyle program that really gets results, it’s time to get your mind right, eat well and get moving with 28 by Sam Wood.

About the Author

Sam Wood is one of Australia’s top health and fitness experts and the man behind the hugely successful online training, nutrition and mindfulness platform 28 by Sam Wood. He is the owner of ‘The Woodshed’, Australia¹s largest personal training studio in Brighton, Victoria and in 2007 founded Gecko Sports, Australia’s first sport and fitness gym just for kids. For over 16 years, Sam’s methods and training techniques have achieved incredible results with thousands of people. He possesses a unique way of understanding and relating to real people and breaking down the barriers that hold them back, to show them that with just 28 minutes of exercise a day and healthy eating, real transformation is possible.

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